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Development in early years happens at a phenomenal speed and is constantly varying. Hence,assessment in early years has to be a continuous process. We have a system that constantly checks on the child's progress and helps us keep updates and records about the child more efficiently. This helps us share information with parents also on a regular basis. Continuous assessment keeps the teachers completely keyed in with the progress of the child which enables us to keep challenging the child and hence we can avoid a situation where the child is bored or has lost interest.

To provide overall development to the kids Teoler Pre School has adopted many scientific tools and methods. In our school there are hundreds of articles of Montessori equipment. Working on different equipment, for instance, the 'Knobless Cylinders', helps the students to enhance their logical thinking. The purpose of playing/working on this teaching aid is to develop the hand-eye coordination of students. There is also specific equipment and teaching aids to develop the student's sense of touch, smell etc and to help them learn a lot of new concepts.

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