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Research proves that the first 7 years of a child are the most crucial years for learning and personality formation. The capacity to absorb concepts and learn is highest during this phase. Hence it is important to expose the child to a structured environment which will provide adequate and appropriate stimulus for learning. We believe in 3 key principles for Early Learning Programs:

Supported Independence: To develop the higher areas of the brain, children must be able to experience things for themselves and feel the sense of accomplishment that goes along with completing tasks independently. To support this, adults need to allow (not force) enough time for children to try things over and over again. In this way, the brain is reassured that what is learnt is true. However, children need someone available to help and encourage them when things get overwhelming, and to support them in new situations. Children feel comfortable and develop a continued sense of excitement toward learning when caring adults provide structure and appropriate stimulation.

Order and Consistency: The brains of preschoolers are working to create organization through consistency.It is essential that routines and limits for preschool children be established and are adhered to. Preschool children’s brains have a lot of plasticity and also vulnerability to their environment, and will therefore continually adapt to what they are exposed to. Environments that are chaotic, disorderly or highly stressful have a direct negative influence on the development of the cortex.

Age Appropriate Tools: Early learning programs that are appropriate for a child’s developmental level provide opportunities to learn through play and hands-on exploration. Through this type of learning, children test new knowledge in a relaxed setting and then naturally relate it to existing knowledge and store the new information.

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