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Nowhere is the need for redesign greater or more urgent than in Indian pre schools. Our current schools are not working for the majority of students. Despite producing the highest number of graduates in the world, our employability quotient remains low. Every industry body has been clamoring about non-availability of good talent. Simultaneously, we do not see a strong environment nurturing entrepreneurs, sportsmen or artists.

While there may be agreement on the problem, there is less consensus on what to do about it. Many remedies are proposed, including higher academic standards, reinvigorated career and technical education, universal college-preparatory curriculum, smaller schools, better assessment (or no assessment), increased accountability of teachers etc. These ideas are for the most part well-conceived. If wisely implemented, many hold promise for positive change. However, each is usually advanced in a piecemeal fashion—and comes up short of creating a big impact and truly making schools better.

We think it’s time for a different approach. We need a comprehensive, coherent strategy that allows industry, policymakers, educators, and community leaders to re-engage school students in serious learning. Specifically, we need to help young kids prepare to produce effectively in a rapidly changing economy; achieve educational, financial, social and emotional goals. We need an approach that is simple and complete, built on our collective aspirations for lifelong learning, economic well-being, and civic engagement. And this approach must be versatile—it must recognize that India’s young people can pursue many different pathways to achieving their dreams and contributing to the success of this country.

Why Teoler?

  • By IIT / IIM / LBS Alumni
  • Brain Growth Methodology
  • Child Development Analysis
  • Best Infrastructure
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