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Teoler has a unique approach with ‘Phase relevant’ development goals, curriculum and pedagogy. Come and explore us.

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Who Are We?

Professionals from IIT / IIM / LBS are the people behind Teoler. We intend to create one of the best educational institutes in India.

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Revolutionizing Pre-Schooling

Research proves that the first 7 years of a child are the most crucial years for learning. Teoler provides adequate & appropriate stimulus for learning.

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Founded by IIT / IIM / LBS Alumni

Teoler is founded and operated by professionals from IIT - India / IIM - India and London Business School. We intend to create one of the best educational institutes in India with the scientific research based curriculum and pedagogy.

Environment @ Teoler

At Teoler, a kids friendly Environment is an integral part of our curriculum, which means the tools that we offer the child to learn. It's essential that a child gets daily experience with learning aids derived from the curriculum.

Our Philosophy @ Teoler

Research proves that the first 7 years of a child are the most crucial years for learning and personality formation. The capacity to learn is highest during this phase. Hence it is important to expose the child to a structured environment

Age Appropriate Tools

Early learning programs that are appropriate for a child’s developmental level provide opportunities to learn through play and hands-on exploration. Children test new knowledge in a relaxed setting and relates it to their existing knowledge


Preschool education is as much about sound, structured education fundamentals as it is about art, music, dance, fun and fantasy.

A quality preschool program revolves around the child for lifetime.

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Formation - 2 to 6 years

The experiences young children receive in the first phase of life are crucial to brain development. In this Phase.

Our objective is to maximize the child’s potential for “Multiple Intelligence”.

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Foundation - 6 to 10 years

The next phase of learning in a child’s schooling are dedicated to laying the foundations of fundamental principles of learning and development.

Most important principles being: Spirit of enquiry, Academic concepts etc.

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Focus - 10 to 14 years

The third phase of learning is extremely important in shaping the future course of the child’s life.

These middle years are often lost in doing more of the same.

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Success - 14 to 18 years

The final phase of school learning for a child must be dedicated towards achieving mainstream successidentified in the ‘Focus’ phase.

At Teoler, the founding Team personally act as Mentors to all students.

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Current Highlights

Teoler - Where Learning Becomes Fun...

Teoler Pre School

"It's where you start the journey that can make all the difference"

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What Our Parents Say?

Words can not describe what a blessing the Teoler Preschool program and teachers have been to our family.

Anup Kohli

It is a pleasure and matter of luck to have such eminent personalities as mentors for my child. Hats off !

Abhisek Jain

Why Teoler?

  • By IIT / IIM / LBS Alumni
  • Brain Growth Methodology
  • Child Development Analysis
  • Best Infrastructure
  • Safe & Hygienic

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